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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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Start-ups, spinouts and SMEs

Why use a patent attorney?

At Maucher Jenkins, we understand that smaller companies have different needs and aspirations. We aim to ensure the simplest possible route to getting your business off the ground.

Intellectual property matters can be intimidating in their frequent complexity; we are here as industry experts to advise and guide you.

When it comes to raising seed capital and venture capital, IPRs are very important and sometimes critical. For many grants, the project proposal needs to convince the assessors that the technology is, among other things, innovative. It is more-or-less a prerequisite that the applicant has at least filed a patent application and obtained a search report. This is why it is crucial that the application has been carefully prepared by a professional with experience in preparing for the unanticipated.

Alternatively, a start-up company may be seeking design rights, often a cheaper option at the outset. Whilst a trademark may not necessarily help gain funding, it can provide a recognisable name in a market and therefore give a start-up an edge against potential competitors.

Further down the line, as the technology enters the commercial market, it is vital that the patent portfolio remains complete. With our strong international presence and reputation we offer advice on the likelihood of success in filing for protection in other countries worldwide, with all the different rules and regulations. We can therefore help a client decide on the countries in which protection is likely to provide the most value for money. We ensure that any additional protection is implemented in order to guard your product and business.

Additionally, there is currently a UK tax reduction on certain patented inventions and other innovations in a scheme called the Patent Box. In order to qualify you must possess a UK patent, and a company is more likely to obtain a UK patent if they use a UK patent attorney.

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