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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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Legal Notices

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Maucher Jenkins® is a firm of UK, German and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, Attorneys-at-Law and IP Litigators and is the joint trading name of RGC Jenkins & Co in the UK (regulated by IPReg) and Maucher Jenkins Patentanwälte & Rechtsanwälte in Germany.

The information on this web site has been prepared for clients of Maucher Jenkins.  They are intended only as a general summary of the relevant law, and whilst we have taken care to ensure their accuracy, no responsibility can be accepted by Maucher Jenkins. for errors or omissions, however caused, or for any loss to any person as a result of material on this web site.

You should contact us, or your usual advisors, directly if you require advice on any aspect of intellectual property law.  Please note we reserve all rights to the content published on this site.  It may only be copied for personal use, and not commercially distributed electronically or in any other form for commercial gain.

Regulations and Codes of Conduct

Maucher Jenkins in the UK is regulated by IPReg.

Our German patent attorneys are members of the Patentanwaltskammer and subject to the rules of the Patentanwaltsordnung and Berufsordnung der Patentanwälte (Mitteilungen der Deutschen Patentanwälte 1997, 243 ff).

Our European patent attorneys are members of the European Patent Institute (epi) and subject to the epi code of conduct.

Our patent attorneys who are members of the Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (FICPI) are subject to the FICPI code of conduct.

Terms of Business

Our Terms of Business can be viewed here.


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