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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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Make Your Mark Spring 2010



A storm seems to be brewing in the Low Countries that threatens the outlook for CTM owners throughout the EU. In a recent decision, the Benelux IPO rejected an oppositio...

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European perspectives

Who'll Win on AdWords?

Google's grip on keyword sales revenue tightened in September, when the Advocate-General opined that its sale of third-party trademarks as keywords to competitors was not...

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Punching Above Weight in CTM Reputation Claims

As a brand owner in these troubled times, are you looking for ways to make a little go a long way? It seems the ECJ is there to help, as shown by its brief but illuminati...

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Alicante Abstracts

After Nokia, Disregard Weak Marks at Your Peril

As anyone familiar with mosquitos knows, the smallest things can sometimes cause the biggest trouble. So found Nokia recently, when it stumbled in an attempt to register ...

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Audi Drives Slogans to Fore in Vorsprung Case

Nearly 15 years after OHIM first opened, slogan marks still find it hard to get inside. In an age of soundbites, the attractiveness of a few catchy words as a marketing t...

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KINDER Surprised: No Res Judicata in OHIM Disputes...

When you're in a hole, stop digging is often good advice. Stepping back from a losing case can make sense, not least if it allows a party to come back later with better f...

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From the Munich Office

German Courts Toy with Law in Opel Model Decision

The German automaker Opel cannot rely on trade mark rights in its famous lightning blitz device for cars and toys to prevent the distribution of scale models of its cars....

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When the Community Trade Mark (CTM) was first introduced to the wider world over 15 years ago, one of the big selling points was that genuine use of the mark in just one ...

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uk court diary

Holding Fire at IPO Douses Hopes in FIRECRAFT

If a competitor attacks your trademark registration, how seriously do you need to take the claim if it is not before the court? Very, according to the High Court recently...

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Down in One as VODKAT Held Passing Off

In a recent case concerning vodka, the High Court re-examined the law of extended passing off in relation to product types. In VODKAT (Diageo North America, Inc (and Anr)...

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in the uk office

Beginning of the End for Series Marks

One of the great unsung benefits of filing a UK trademark, as opposed to a CTM, was always the series provision. Under it, an applicant could file for a series of marks "...

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IPO Clarifies Hearsay Rules

In a U.K. opposition, your adversary files in evidence letters addressed "To Whom It May Concern." The letters were clearly solicited for the proceedings and you suspect ...

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INTA ANNUAL MEETINGJENKINS HOSPITALITY SUITE May 23, 24 and 25Stephen James, Hazel Buckley, Tim Pendered, Katie Cameron and Angela Fox will be hosting our annual hospital...

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