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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group is
experienced in litigation
and dispute resolution
​across all major areas of IP. 

With main offices in London and Munich, we handle disputes in the English courts and Germany as well as managing multi-jurisdictional cases in Europe and beyond.

Our litigators are experienced in a broad spectrum of contentious IP matters, including:

  • Trade marks 
  • Passing off 
  • Patents                                             
  • Designs 
  • Domain names 
  • Company names 

​We also handle appeals in registration and contentious matters for UK and European trade marks, patents and designs, including before the High Court and, on a European level, the General Court and Court of Justice.

Our litigators also represent clients in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, whose streamlined procedures are designed to ensure that IP cases valued at less than £500K are heard in a focused way. Recoverable costs are capped at £50K, which limits parties’ exposure, and cases are managed with an eye to ensuring that steps taken in the proceedings meet a cost-benefit test. All the same remedies are available as elsewhere in the High Court, and the IPEC’s procedures ensure that small and medium sized enterprises, and larger businesses with smaller claims, are not priced out of enforcing or defending their rights.

Our intimate understanding of our clients' brands and technology makes us strong and cost-effective litigators, advocates and negotiators. Our experience also gives us an edge in managing and contributing to larger litigation teams of law firms and advocates, on the local scene and internationally.

Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice & Procedure (published by Sweet & Maxwell) was written by Angela Fox, a Partner in Maucher Jenkins.

Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice & Procedure