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In 2012 Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the "patent package" - a legislative initiative consisting of two...

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Trade Marks

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​Here at Maucher Jenkins, we know that trade marks and brands define your corporate image and, as the principal means of product recognition, add a tangible value to your business. Trade marks facilitate repeat purchases by satisfied customers.

They allow advertisers to convey complex messages with a single word, phrase or logo, and, if wisely chosen, properly protected and carefully used,  they can become an asset of huge importance, ensuring a significant return on the original marketing and advertising investment. 

Maucher Jenkins’ trade mark department specialises in the protection, exploitation and enforcement of trade mark rights.  Our trade mark professionals are acknowledged experts in offering sound advice and imaginative solutions to complex legal and commercial problems. They also have considerable experience in contentious matters, particularly before the UK and European Union Intellectual Property Offices. 

Our team can guide you through the process of protecting your trade mark, including clearance searching and the protection of your new brand around the world. We have a proven track record in advising clients in all areas of trade mark law and practice and are particularly well known for our ability to protect unusual marks such as colours, shapes and sounds.

We advise on cost-effective trade mark and brand portfolio management, as well as appropriate use of trade marks and brands in marketing and advertising materials. We also advise on corporate transactions involving trade marks and brands, including transfers, licences, mergers and acquisitions. We work with clients to identify and challenge conflicting marks and help protect trade marks and brands from competitor encroachment. 

Our overseas filing programmes have covered almost every country in the world and our international client base has enabled us to build up our practice in European Union Trade Marks at the EU trade mark office (EUIPO) in Alicante. Since OHIM (now EUIPO) opened in 1996, we have become one of the most prolific filers of EUTM applications and we therefore have considerable expertise in all aspects of EUTM practice. 

Maucher Jenkins’ team of trade mark experts is supported by a records team that maintains a comprehensive in-house trade mark management system for managing all of our cases. This also enables us to provide management reports to clients which are tailored to their requirements. 

Our aim is to combine the best aspects of private and corporate trade mark practice. We seek to act in the manner of in house professionals but with the independence of out of house advisors.​